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Data Storage Management Services

Monash University's Data Storage Management (DSM) team provide secure and efficient networked data protection for disk storage, data backup and recovery and archiving.

DSM provides several data protection services that will protect your data from hardware or software failure, power outages, viruses, fire, natural disasters, or just simple human error.

  • Disk storage service provides physical disk storage for servers over the storage area network. This disk storage can be likened to the hard-disk in your PC but has built in resilience against failure.
  • Backup and Recovery protects your data against hardware failure, human error or data corruption. Backup enables you to recover data from the last successful backup with a minimal loss of data. Backups are for disaster recovery purposes and are usually taken daily to minimise loss of data.
  • Archiving is for capturing a snapshot of your data at a point in time for historical purposes and may be kept for extended periods. For example, by law financial records must be kept for seven years. To comply, we need to take an archive copy of our financial data and be able to restore this data for the next seven years.