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Data Storage Management services

Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery is for protecting your data against hardware failure, human error or data corruption. Backup enables you to recover data from a successful backup with a minimal loss of data. Backups are for disaster recovery purposes and are usually taken daily to minimise data loss. Some of the benefits of backup and recovery are:

  • provides the ability to recover your data with an acceptable amount of loss, usually a maximum of one day
  • the backup is created offsite, providing immediate offsite storage
  • backup copies of the data are stored at multiple sites to protect against media failure
  • data is protected automatically, daily
  • reasonably low cost

Backup and recovery service

A copy of the changed data is taken nightly and stored in the tape vault, providing protection for any file that exists on the system for longer than 24 hours. This will be retained for the period elected by the customers.

Retention period (days) options are: 14, 31 or 92 and on demand.

The default is 31 days which you will receive if you do not select an option.

It is important to note this service is for recovery purposes not archival. If you wish to store data for periods longer than available here, refer to the archival service offerings

If you have any questions or are unsure about the charges, contact

You can make an application for the backup and restore service.

Requests that do not fit within the above schedules will be considered and costed at the time of request. If you have any questions regarding data storage please contact: