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CMS Support

CMS Support site offers a large range of resources to improve user's CMS experience. Additional help and CMS Training materials can be found at Staff Development Unit website.

We are continuously adding and updating the CMS Support web site, so have a look through the available information to see whether your question has already been answered.

Primary Faculty/Division/Unit Webmaster General users should seek help from their webmasters instead of contacting the CMS Team directly.
Secondary CMS Team Webmasters who need support from the CMS Team can use the online support request form to open a support case.
Tertiary Interwoven Support There are times when we might not be able to answer your query, or might need to escalate the support request to the vendor for other reasons such as software feature request, bug report, etc.

Important News

  • During the regular CMS change window this Thursday 16 July from 8AM to 10AM, the CMS Team will update the inline editor from VisualFormat to TinyMCE. The CMS will be unavailable during this short planned change. Click here for more information.

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