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Application for Registration of a Domain Name

Under the Monash Domain Name Policy updated and approved 24 February 2010, a Domain Name for a Monash Website or Monash-hosted Website must be registered by Monash with approval from the Executive Director, Information Technology Services (ITS). Approval will only be granted if the Website or "host" site meets the established criteria (see below). See also guidelines and tips for choosing a Domain Name.

Criteria for Registration of a Domain Name

Monash will only register Domain Names and host Websites if the following criteria have been met:

a. The Website must be associated with your:

  • research
  • teaching
  • professional activity related to your employment at Monash.

b. The Website will not be used for personal profit or where it may profit other organisations.

c. All material published on the Website will comply with State and Commonwealth laws and with University statutes, regulations and policies.

d. No personal information will be published or collected/used via the Website without prior permission of those concerned. Personal information means information or an opinion, whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion. If personal information is to be collected, indicate the nature of the information and proposed use.

e. No journal or magazine will be published on the Website without prior approval from your Head of Department/Head of School or Dean.

f. Ownership of a Domain Name does not imply that Monash is the owner of intellectual property in material published on the particular web site. Ownership of intellectual property will be governed by the University's intellectual property legislation and/or any funding agreements with external parties.


Applications are to be forwarded to ITS and, when approved, will require authorisation by the Head of Department/Head of School/Dean. There are three application forms and that which you choose is dependent upon your requirements (see Guidelines for choosing a Domain Name below):

Guidelines for Authorised Domain Names:

Monash will register Monash will not register
Collaborative Research Centres Professional Societies
Joint Monash/enterprise organisations Private companies
University publications (books and journals)  
Conferences with Monash association (on an annual basis)  
Major projects e.g. BlueJay  
Specific bodies/groups working under funding Arrangements e.g. Strategic Partnerships with Industry - Research & Training Scheme (SPIRT Grants)  

Monash will host Monash will not host
Anything with registration authorisation issued by Monash University Something that was not registered by Monash (and where Monash cannot reclaim the Domain Name).

Guidelines for choosing a Domain Name

  • If you are a wholly contained sub section of a larger organisation with the same education/commercial/non profit focus as your parent organisation, then you should use your parent's Domain Name or a sub section of it.
  • If the primary role of the organisation/body is "education" or "research" then .edu applies. Where the organisation/body is also Monash owned then, applies, examples are:
    Monash University South Africa, and Monash College,
  • If the primary role is "commercial" then .com applies. For example, (where the organisation/body is also Monash owned), others could be included under(name)
  • If the primary role is neither "education" nor "research" nor "commercial" then .org is appropriate. Such organisations that are associated with Monash can use, for example,;
  • If the organisation/body is not 100% Monash owned or Monash controlled, then the Domain Name does not require monash in it.