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Setup Fugu for the Monash University web publishing environment


Instructions on how to set up Fugu 1.1 to be able to publish files within the Monash University web publishing environment.


Web developers not using the Content Management System (CMS) will need to use an application to upload/download files from their desktop computer to the Monash web server. This document contains information on setting up Fugu 1.1 to transfer files to and from the web server.

Fugu isn't on my computer, where can I get it?

Fugu can be downloaded from the Fugu (Apple downloads) page and installed on your computer.

If you need help with installation contact your local IT support area.

Setup steps

  1. Open Fugu.

  2. From the 'View' menu under the 'Columns' option make sure the Owner, Group and Permissions options are all checked. These details are useful in troubleshooting issues you have with transferring files to the server.

    Figure 1 - Showing file owner, group and permissions.

  3. From the 'Fugu' menu select 'Preferences...'

    Figure 2 - Selecting 'Preferences...' form the Fugu menu.

  4. When you open Fugu a default server can be displayed which you can connect to. This can be set under the 'General' tab. Enter the following details:

    Data for fields on the General tab
    Field Content
    SFTP Server
    Username Enter your authcate username.
    Port 22
    Initial Remote Directory Enter the location of your site on the web server (see location of content on web server for more information).
    eg. /web/www/
    Initial Local Directory Click the [Choose...] button and select the location where you are storing your web files on your computer.
    eg. /Users/uidteam/Documents/Web

    Figure 3 - Entering details into fields in the 'General' tab.

  5. Click the [Set Defaults] button.

  6. If you maintain multiple sites you can create a login profile for each site. Skip the following steps if you only maintain the one site.

    In the preferences window select the 'Favourites' tab. Use the [+] button create an entry for each site you maintain.

    Data for fields on the Favourites tab
    Field Content
    Nickname Enter an appropriate name for you to remember the profile.
    User Enter your authcate username.
    Port 22
    Directory Enter the location of your site on the web server (see location of content on web server for more information).
    eg. /web/www/

    Figure 4 - Creating login profiles in the Favourites tab.

  7. Close the 'Preferences' window.

  8. Using login profiles:

    Clicking the globe dropdown menu allows you select one of the login profiles you've created.

    Figure 5 - Selecting a login profile.

Uploading files and files permissions

When you are copying files to the web server you need to make sure these files have the correct file permissions. Without the correct file permissions others who need to modify the files may not be able to.

  1. After copying a file from your computer to the web server check the 'Permissions' column to see if it has the correct file permissions '-rwxrwxrwx' (directories will look like this 'drwxrwxrwx')

  2. If the file permissions need updating press Applekey-I to open the 'Info' window. On this window under the 'Permissions' section make sure all boxes are checked except 'Write' under 'Others' row. Press the [Apply] button to change the permissions.

    Figure 6 - Setting file permissions

    Note: If you have multiple files to change leave the 'Info' window open and click on the files you wish to update. The 'Info' window will update to show the highlighted files information.